Sweet Saturday Samples 07/30/2011

We’re proud to announce the first ever Sweet Saturday Samples, where writers post a brief excerpt from their books on their own, private blogs, and then link to this site through Linky Tools. On Saturday each week, readers can then “hop” from blog to blog, reading the samples, commenting if they want, and getting to know some lovely new-to-them writers.

Authors, there are a few things that make Sweet Saturday Samples a bit different from the other weekly blog hops out there:

  1. There are no rules governing the length of your sample. Just be aware that, if it looks too long, in-a-hurry readers are likely to skim or skip your story, rather than give it the full attention it deserves.
  2. Readers of all varieties will be hopping along here and reading your story, including some who don’t read heavy stuff, such as erotica or graphic violence. We therefore ask that all samples have a PG-13 rating at worst. Your book doesn’t have to be clean–just the sample.
  3. If you’re posting a clean sample from a heavy or hot book, we ask you to also post a “heat level” warning for readers. (The one provided by the Motion Picture Association of America is just fine. Here’s a link if you don’t know how your book rates.) This is as much for your protection as for the reader’s convenience. Many bad reviews on Amazon result from the wrong reader buying a book and don’t honestly reflect the quality level of the story or the writing. We’d prefer that not happen to you.
  4. For the same reason, we’re asking you to post your book’s genre clearly near the start of your sample. That way, for example, readers who don’t like mysteries can quickly see what I’m offering and skip my blog if they choose. Again, this protects the writer from a potential sale to the wrong reader and the resulting lousy review.
  5. You can give away prizes if you want, but it’s certainly not required. Sweet Saturday Samples is more an invitation for readers to check out your work, not a true blog hop.
  6. Finally, it’s your blog. Post what you like in your samples. Unless it violates #2, above, your link will be included. (The other guidelines really are intended for the writer’s protection, not for bossing anybody around.)

So, without further ado–let’s link!
J. Gunnar Grey

P.S. I forgot to mention the photo of the girl with the lollipop is courtesy Kyle Flood of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
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9 Responses to Sweet Saturday Samples 07/30/2011

  1. I am excited to do this, escpecially since I’m a newbie…I have never done SSS or anything like this before. I do have a question…how we add the linky thing to our blog posts? Hehehehe!

    Thank you, Cheryl! Awesome idea! Let me know ig you come up with a universal advertisement we can post on FB, Twitter, etc., to advertise more authors for you. xoxoxoxo

    Kristine Cheney

  2. Marsha Ward says:

    I can’t remember how Linky works. Do I put in a specific URL from a sample posted BEFORE Saturday? Or do I just give my standard blog address and post my sample on Saturday?

  3. bethtrissel says:

    This sounds great. I just signed up to be a part. thanks!

    Beth Trissel

  4. the1940mysterywriter says:

    @Kristine: Linky Tools is so easy and so awesome! It’s free, too! You’ll need a blog with the same name as your link, so this might be a time to name the big blog hop (although of course we’d keep changing the monthly theme) and give it a permanent home. Then you just open an account with Linky Tools, watch the demonstration, and post your tool. It took less than five minutes, once this blog was up. As for the ad, well, we’ll get there, but for now we’ve got FB and Twitter links. Just click and go.
    @Marsha: Sure, you can post your general blog address and make sure your post is live on Saturday. Or you can schedule your post to publish automatically on Saturday and enter that specific URL. We’re working on an instructions link, but both administrators for this blog are in final edits (two different books, both mysteries), so it will likely be next week before that happens!
    @Beth: Hi, pleasure meeting you and welcome aboard. Feel free to spread the word, among your readers and fellow writers. We hope to have a lot of fun every week.
    Gunnar Grey

  5. Jennifer Lowery~Writer says:

    I signed up! Can’t wait to read everyone’s samples :)

  6. Meg Mims says:

    Make sure you PROMO to your Twitter and FB followers!! We want READERS as well as other writers! :-)

  7. Marsha Ward says:

    Okay, even though my Internet connection got interrupted as I was trying to link up, I’m on board now!

  8. This sounds wonderful. I hope this idea will get people excited about searching out new authors and getting to know their works. Thanks.

  9. pamelavmason says:

    Thank you for the opportunity!

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