Our very first hop–

–is declared a rousing success. I’ve just made a second round and read everyone’s posts, leaving comments where the program in question allowed. (Unfortunately, my ongoing battle with Blogger and Blogspot continues unabated. Apologies to those writers whose blogging program either a) ate my comment or b) refused to play nice.)

This voracious reader, at least, found several new-to-me authors whose work absolutely drew me in. Right now, a fortune teller would predict a splurge through Amazon in my not-too-distant future–and she’d be right.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this, our trial run. For next week, our fortune teller is predicting we’ll work out the first-round bugs, attract even more readers and writers, and have even more fun. Writers, if you want feedback on your blog arrangement and interaction through this little hop, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can.

The Linky Tool for next week’s hop will go live on Wednesday.

And thanks to Magellan for the tempting Eszterhazy torte. There may be a hidden danger in this blog–my chocolate addiction didn’t need help!


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7 Responses to Our very first hop–

  1. Lisa Kumar says:

    A great first run! Thanks for this blog hop!

  2. Lindsay says:

    This was fun and like you I’ve found several authors I want to read more of. My only complaints- some of the posts were much to long and in a few cases I couldn’t find where to leave a comment. I can’t wait until nest Saturday. Already looking for my entry

    • the1940mysterywriter says:

      Yes, this is true, Lindsay. There were some excerpts where I was forced to skim due to time constraints, and others where the Comments box was conspicuously absent.

      Glad you enjoyed it, Lisa. I did, too.


  3. I love this idea, is there a live list where we can find the author blogs who took part this week?

  4. This was so much fun! Thanks for all your hard work. So if I’m reading your post correctly, do we need to “sign up” to participate each week? I’ve already preposted next week’s excerpt. Also, I was wondering – could the link to Creative Hodgepodge (my blog’s title) could have my name with it?

    Thanks, Patty Kiyono

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