Sign-up link for Sweet Saturday Samples 08/27/2011

Well, partway through the sign-up time period, Linky Tools decided they wanted money–without warning, no email, nothing. They also closed my sign-up list two days in advance, without warning. So I’m moving sideways to inlinkz, a service that promises its text linking tool is and will remain free.

If you’d already signed up this week, don’t panic. I’ve migrated all the entries from Linky Tools to inlinkz. You do not need to sign up again.

Here’s the new inlinkz tool, if you hadn’t already signed up. Thanks to Alessio Damato for the soothing and fattening photo of ice cream and gelato in Rome. Cheers and please forgive my temper tantrum,


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14 Responses to Sign-up link for Sweet Saturday Samples 08/27/2011

  1. linky isn’t very nice!

    • the1940mysterywriter says:

      Boy, I thought they were, until this morning. It’s of course possible a time limit of some sort was mentioned in the terms of service and I missed it, but honestly, you’d expect at least a notice of some sort in advance.

  2. bethtrissel says:

    Bummer! Way to land on your feet. High five!~

  3. jennyt82 says:

    Have you got the link for the new list? I can’t seem to find it.

    • the1940mysterywriter says:

      Click the blue smiley face, Jenny, right beneath my name on the post, above. It’s small and it looks kinda silly, but I promise it works.

  4. Jeanne Theunissen says:

    THAT was a temper tantrum?! I wouldn’t even classify it as a hissy fit! Don’t tell me you’re mellowing in your old age….

  5. Lisa Vaughn says:

    Is there a way to copy link to post on our blogs to let reader know where to go for the next sample like linky had?

    • the1940mysterywriter says:

      I can email it to you, Lisa, if you like. This service doesn’t seem to be as smooth as Linky Tools was, although hopefully that will change as they gain more experience. Of course, it might also be that I just don’t know how to arrange it yet. Promise I’ll work on understanding their settings a little better!

  6. I looked at the list and I see it just shows the web addresses, rather than the names to the links we put in (our name plus genre). Will it show up differently tomorrow?

  7. (Drooooooooooling over the Italian gelato….) I had to start lifting weights, due to all these delish pix you keep posting!! But way to go on keeping up with the craziness, Gunnar. You rock! As in ROCK CANDY! ;-D

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