The Sweet List 08/27/2011

It’s time to force Meg Mims into more weight lifting–no, wait, it’s time for Sweet Saturday Samples.

In this weekend of hurricanes, evacuations, hardships, and looming disaster, we offer this week’s sweet samples with the hope of lightening burdens and easing cares. Our thoughts, hearts, and hopes are with those in the thick of the storm.

Thanks to the USDA (yes, you read that correctly) for the lovely, tempting, mouth-watering dessert concept. You’re still reading, right, Meg?

Here’s the Sweet List. Cheers,


Sweet Saturday Samples 08/27/2011

Sweet Saturday Samples 08/27/2011

1. Patricia Kiyono, historical romance 14. Rachel Rossano – Historical Fantasy Romance
2. Kay Springsteen Contemporary Romance G-rated 15. Joyce DiPastena – medieval romance (PG)
3. Bri Clark Paranormal Romance Author 16. ONE WRITER’S WAY: Historical/Paranormal Romance
4. Chynna Laird – middle grade/young adult 17. Jessica Knauss – Light Fantasy
5. Jennifer Lowery-Romantic Suspense/Military Rom. 18. Morgan Kearns
6. Jean Joachim-Contemporary Romance 19. Lia Davis, paranormal romance
7. Emily and Dakota-Mystery 20. Cheri Schmidt, YA Paranormal Romance (PG)
8. Lindsay Downs-YA 21. dianne hartsock
9. Meg Mims, Mystery 22. Jennifer T. Alli
10. Joselyn Vaughn – Contemporary Romance 23. Lisa Vaughn
11. J. Gunnar Grey, mystery-adventure 24. Elaine Cantrell
12. J. F. Jenkins Writes – ya 25. Jenna Jaxon
13. Sherry Gloag, Contemorary Romance PG rated 26. The Way of Impressions (historical romance)
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3 Responses to The Sweet List 08/27/2011

  1. Marsha Ward says:

    This week was tremendously busy for me, including some time spent out of town, so I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to participate today. I hope next week is easier.

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