The Sweet List 10/01/2011

It’s finally autumn in the deep, deep south, and that always has me thinking of freshly baked apple pie with ice cream: hot and cold in the same bite, sweet vanilla and cinnamon, the crunchy furled crust and the melting apples inside. How could anyone resist?

We’ll be starting a new feature on Tuesday, so swing by then to see what it’s about. I’ll give you a hint: one of the talented writers in the list below will stop by and discuss something that’s very important to her.

Here’s the Sweet List. Thanks to the USDA for the lovely photo.



1. Kay Springsteen contemporary romance
2. Jennifer Lowery~Romantic Suspense
3. Rachel Rossano – fantasy/romance
4. Lisa Beth Darling-Paranormal Romance Thriller
5. J.F. Jenkins YA/Urban Fantasy
6. J. Gunnar Grey, mystery~adventure
7. Mirriam Smyth – Paranormal Romance
8. Patricia Kiyono – contemporary romance
9. Patricia Preston~short fiction
10. Joselyn Vaughn ~ contemporary romance
11. Chynna Laird – YA Suspense
12. Joyce DiPastena – medieval romance
13. Carrie-Anne Brownian ~ historical fiction
14. Jean Joachim contemporary romance
15. Marsha Ward~Westerns with Heart & Grit
16. Sandy & Sandra ~ Contemporary Romance
17. Beth Trissel-Historical/paranormal romance
18. Emily and Dakota-YA
19. Lindsay Downs-Mystery
20. Jessica Knauss – Magical Realism
21. Dianne Hartsock-paranormal/suspense
22. Lia Davis ~ paranormal romance
23. Sherry Gloag – Sweet Paranormal
24. Morgan Kearns – Paranormal Romance
25. Jenna Jaxon–Historical Romance
26. Elaine Cantrell, contemporary romance
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15 Responses to The Sweet List 10/01/2011

  1. FYI, Jennifer Lowery’s link doesn’t work. I went to her link from last week to get there.

  2. This one was probably my fault, Gunnar. My link is missing the colon.

  3. Gunnar says:

    Actually, it was the same problem as last week, Rachel. Somehow the “http://” part of the website address is being doubled, so it’s “http://http://rachel-rossano” etc. What makes this doubly confusing is, I checked the websites last night before shutting down, and your link worked fine then. Who was it claimed technology would make our lives simpler?

  4. I don’t know why, but I can’t leave a comment at most of the blogspot addresses. Anyone have any ideas what I can try?

    Elaine Cantrell

  5. Sherry Gloag says:

    Although I’m signed into to Blogger Joslyn Vaughn’s site wont accept my comment. Grrrrrrrr!

  6. I was having that problem for the longest time. After multiple problems with Explorer in addition to this problem, I switched to Chrome. I haven’t had a problem since (probably because both Chrome and Blogger are Google products :P).

  7. Sherry Gloag says:

    This is soooo frustrating. I comment, hit post and it vanishes. This is happening mostly on the sites, but not all of them.

  8. I tend to have trouble commenting in Firefox, but am okay in Chrome. I’ve turned off all the verification stuff on my blog and people still have trouble. I wish blogger would get it straightened out. Is WordPress any better?

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