The Sweet List 10/22/2011

Ever seen a wall of M&Ms before? Neither had I, and I thank Richieman for the public domain photo. Looks like a trick-or-treater’s dream to me!

Here’s the #SweetSat list for this week. Enjoy the sweets!



1. Jennifer Lowery~Romantic Suspense
2. Beth Trissel-Historical/paranormal romance
3. Sandra Nachlinger/Sandra Allen – Romance
4. Jenna Jaxon–Contemporary Romance
5. J.F. Jenkins, YA paranormal
6. Kay Springsteen, contemporary romance
7. Marsha Ward~Westerns with Heart & Grit
8. Sue K. -paranormal
9. J. Gunnar Grey, mystery~adventure and Regency romance
10. Rachel Rossano – fantasy
11. Patricia Kiyono, contemporary romance
12. Ute Carbone–Women’ s Fiction
13. Melynda Price~Paranormal Romance
14. Carrie-Anne Brownian ~ historical fiction
15. Ranee` S. Clark – YA
16. Mirriam Smyth, contemporary and paranormal
17. Emily and Dakota-YA
18. Lindsay Downs, mystery
19. Joyce DiPastena – medieval romance
20. Dianne Hartsock-paranormal/thriller
21. Elaine Cantrell-contemporary romance
22. Lia Davis ~ Paranormal Romance
23. Chynna Laird – YA Suspense (Chynna says she got busy and didn’t get her #SweetSat sample posted. Sorry!)
24. Lisa Beth Darling~Paranormal Thriller
25. Sherry Gloag – WIP paranormal
26. The Way of Impressions – Christian Historical Romance
27. Liz Botts- YA Romance
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