The Sweet List 10/29/2011

How does the U.S. Navy celebrate Halloween? The same way everyone else does–by giving candy to kids! Here, Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Jessica Silvestry joins other sailors from USS Wasp as volunteers during the annual ZooBoo event at the Norfolk (Virginia) Zoo in 2008. Thanks to Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Johnny Michael for the photo.

Here’s this week’s #SweetSat list. Have fun, and have a safe and enjoyable Halloween in a couple days, too. Cheers,


1. Lisa Beth Darling~Paranormal Romance
2. Kay Springsteen contemporary romance
3. j f jenkins ~ YA
4. Maria Romana – Romantic Suspense
5. Mirriam Smyth – Contemporary & Paranormal Romance
6. Jennifer Lowery~Romantic Suspense
7. J. Gunnar Grey, mystery~adventure and Regency romance
8. Beth Trissel-Historical/paranormal romance
9. Sherry Gloag – paranormal
10. Sandra Nachlinger/Sandra Allen – Romance
11. Carrie-Anne Brownian ~ historical fiction
12. Ute Carbone-Romantic Comedy
13. Patricia Kiyono, romance
14. Sarah Ballance – sweet romance / ghost story + giveaway
15. Marsha Ward~Westerns with Heart & Grit
16. Jenna Jaxon–Historical Romance
17. Melynda Price ~ Paranormal Romance
18. Patricia Preston~Romance
19. Elaine Cantrell-contemporary romance
20. Lia Davis ~ Paranormal Romance
21. Emily and Dakota-YA
22. Rachel Rossano – Science Fiction/Romance
23. Lindsay Downs-Mystery
24. Sue K., paranormal
25. Jennifer Robins, Halloween thriller
26. Morgan Kearns – Paranormal Romance
27. Chynna – YA Suspense
28. Dianne Hartsock-paranormal/suspense
29. The Way of Impressions – Christian Historical Romance
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One Response to The Sweet List 10/29/2011

  1. Gunnar says:

    Hey, everybody–someone once described to me a method of commenting on Blogger and Blogspot with my WordPress ID. Who and what was that? I keep leaving comments and they keep vanishing into thin air! I can’t even comment on Peggy’s diet and blowing up boats! HELP!

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