Sign-up link for #SweetSat 12/03/2011

We’ll be taking some time off over the holiday season, and I anticipate being pretty much offline the last two weekends of this year and the first weekend of next year. That translates to no #SweetSat between 21 December (my mother’s birthday, the “official” start of our family’s Christmastime) and roughly 9 January 2012. By then everyone should be over celebrating and ready to return to our regularly scheduled programming, right? Right?

Now, let’s link. Click the little blue smiley face below to access the inLinkz tool. And don’t forget to read the Instructions (accessed through the menu above) and leave a comment if you have any questions.




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4 Responses to Sign-up link for #SweetSat 12/03/2011

  1. Rats. I tried to add my genres to my name (having read the instructions afterwards…doh) but it wouldn’t let me. So…Paranormal Romance, SF, and Romance. A bit of everything.

  2. I shall miss it, but I can see why we should pause. :) Thank you for hosting this every week.

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