Sign-up link for #SweetSat 01/28/2011

Hello, again, everybody, and welcome back. For those who missed last week for whatever reason, and to our new writers, please, take a moment and read the instructions. In short, all genres are welcome, but the post that’s advertised from this blog must be sweet, with a PG-13 rating at the strongest. That includes images and it covers more than graphic language. Links that don’t meet this requirement will be deleted. Hey, listen, we have kids clicking through here reading the YA authors, and sometimes they go astray.

Can you tell I love fruit-flavored chewy candies? Thanks to Best Buy Candy for the image, and the drool on my keyboard.

Now, let’s link. Click the cute little blue smiley face, below, to access the inLinkz tool. And let’s have a fun and fabulous week out there, both virtually and in the real world. There’s still a real world, isn’t there?



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