Sign-up link for #SweetSat 02/18/2012

Hey, everybody, the diet’s going well (eight pounds down, count ’em!) so I thought I’d torture myself a bit here. Aren’t these the most scrumptious idea you’ve ever seen? Kudos to Very Culinary for the idea and recipe. Oh, and the photo too, of course.

Now, let’s link. Below’s the cute little blue smiley face. Click there to access the inLinkz tool. And thanks for joining us for #SweetSat. You have a wonderful, safe, lovely week out there in Reality Land, okay?




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4 Responses to Sign-up link for #SweetSat 02/18/2012

  1. Congratulations on your diet success! I’m trying to lose the pounds I added during Christmas and Thanksgiving, but they’re still hanging around my hips.

    • Gunnar says:

      Hey, Sandy, I’m finding Atkins works. Along with exercise, of course. We’ll see how long I can withstand these photos, though.

  2. Carrie-Anne says:

    We just had those Oreo-stuffed cookies as one of the recipes in the bake-off at my synagogue a few weeks ago, and they won for the presentation category!

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