The Sweet List 03/24/2012

Hi, everybody, and welcome back to Sweet Saturday Samples. We can never have too much Easter candy, says the woman on a diet, and thanks to The Fun Times Guide not only for the cute photo, but for an entire blog post on ideas for what to do with the leftovers if you buy too much.

Now here’s the Sweet List. Oh, and if you’re wondering why this post is late, I fell headfirst into a book last night and forgot everything else — something I know our readers and writers will understand.



1. J. Gunnar Grey, mystery~adventure
2. Jennifer Comeaux ~ Contemporary Romance
3. Kay Springsteen/regency and/or contemporary romance
4. Carrie-Anne Brownian ~ 1960s historical fiction
5. Sandra Nachlinger/Sandra Allen – Romance
6. Rachel Rossano – romantic fantasy
7. Jean Joachim, Contemporary romance
8. Elaine Cantrell, contemporary romance
9. Ann Cory, Historical romance
10. Jenna Jaxon~Historical Romance
11. Sarah Ballance – sensual romantic suspense
12. Patricia Kiyono, romance
13. Marsha Ward~Westerns with Heart & Grit
14. Dawne Prochilo- Contemporary Romance (sexy website, sweet excerpt & book)
15. Rebecca Sinclair, historical romance
16. Leah Sanders ~ Sci-fi
17. Tmonique Stephens ~ Paranormal Romance
18. Dianne Hartsock -paranormal suspense
19. Joselyn Vaughn, contemporary
20. Lindsay Downs-Mystery
21. Gwendolyn Gage ~ Christian Historical Romance
22. Chynna Laird ~ YA
23. Sharon Cullen – Paranormal Romance
24. Mirriam Smyth – Contemporary Romance
25. S.G. Rogers – romantic fantasy & giveaway
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