Sign-up link for #SweetSat 05/18/2012

Hi, everybody, and welcome back. Like every chocolate lover out there, I adore truffles, and I’ve always wondered how on earth to make them. Well, here’s a photo and recipe for truffles made with Oreo cookies and cream cheese. Don’t they look absolutely amazing? And would you believe they’re just as absolutely simple to make? Thanks to and Baker’s Chocolate for the idea!

Now, let’s link. Click the little blue smiley face below to access the inLinkz tool. And everybody, have a safe, wonderful, productive, chocolatey week out there in reality land.



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One Response to Sign-up link for #SweetSat 05/18/2012

  1. Please include me in your Sweet Saturday Samples. This Saturday my link will go live at 4 a.m. It includes an excerpt from a book I published in the 90s, which is just now being updated as an e-book, and it’s sweet, sweet, sweet. Thanks!

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