Sign-up link for #SweetSat 07/14/2012

Hi, everybody, and welcome back. I went looking for a photo to steal borrow, and came across this one on a blog that I think I’m gonna enjoy. It’s called Girl In Your World, and if you follow the link you’ll find out why. Hint: white chocolate chip oatmeal and peppermint-topped brownies.

Now, let’s link. Click the cute little blue smiley face below to reach the inLinkz tool. And have a sweet week, you hear?



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2 Responses to Sign-up link for #SweetSat 07/14/2012

  1. Everything on the “Girl in Your World” blog is yummy! White chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, beignets, peppermint topped brownies — I gained five pounds just reading about them. Thanks for the link anyhow! I’ve bookmarked it for future reference.

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