The Sweet List 08/25/2012

Hi, everybody, and welcome back. Have you ever wanted to try making your own jam, jelly, or fresh fruit preserves, but talked yourself out of it? Well, would you believe it’s actually pretty easy? Follow the link and check out the instructions for jamming with berries. Thanks to for the photo and so many canning recipes, I’ll never work my way through them.

By the way, I didn’t actually can this year’s strawberry preserves. After cooking, I put the finished preserves in reusable plastic containers and froze them. They’ll keep indefinitely, take only a day to thaw, and once thawed will last several months in the fridge. (Boiling the glass jars, as discussed on the page, kills bacteria so the preserves last on a pantry shelf. But if you’ve got room in a freezer, the boiling becomes unnecessary and the preserving is even easier.) Thanks to my Mama for that brilliant idea!

Here’s the Sweet List. Enjoy. Cheers,


1. Andrea Buginsky, YA fantasy
2. Kay Springsteen, Regency
3. Marsha A. Moore – Fantasy romance
4. Jenna Jaxon~Historical Romance
5. Carrie-Anne Brownian ~ 1970s historical fiction
6. Patricia Kiyono – Historical Romance
7. Heidi Murphy-Paranormal romance, SF, romance
8. Ruth Rainwater-Mixed Genre
9. J. Gunnar Grey, mystery~adventure
10. Leah Sanders – sweet historical romance
11. Rachel Rossano – romantic fantasy
12. Iris Blobel ~~ Romance
13. Lindsay Downs-Suspense
14. Laurel-Rain Snow – Contemporary Fiction
15. Juli D. Revezzo–Paranormal Fantasy
16. Beth Trissel Historical-Paranormal Romance
17. Lisa Beth Darling-Immortal Romance
18. Sherry Gloag ~ Regency Romance
19. Elaine Cantrell contemporary romance
20. Mickie Sherwood – Mainstream Contemporary Romance
21. Rachel Van Dyken, contemporary romance
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