Sign-up link for #SweetSat 09/01/2012

Hi, everyone, and welcome back for another week of fun and mayhem. This looks just like the banana pudding my mother used to make — a box of vanilla pudding, a box of Vanilla Wafers, and a pound or more of sliced bananas, with everything arranged just so. It used to make my sister feel so loved when Mama spent an hour slaving over making dessert look perfect. (Me, I ate it anyways.) These days, Mama takes a hammer to the Vanilla Wafers bag, pours everything into a big bowl, and stirs. Takes five minutes. And yep, you’re right — my sister eats it anyways.  Thanks to Stuart Spivack for the yummy-looking photo.

Now, let’s link. Click the cute little blue smiley face below to access the inLinkz tool. And don’t let them see you coming, okay?



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4 Responses to Sign-up link for #SweetSat 09/01/2012

  1. In the middle of Hurricane Isaac at the moment. Electricity came back on just in time for me to check out one of my favorites. Banana pudding is one of my mama’s specialties, too. Love it!


  3. gold price says:

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