Sweet book review: Love Octagon

Love Octagon is a difficult book to classify. Slice of life, sort of; humor, definitely. A morality play in one sense, but hilariously slapstick in another. Perhaps the best category might be inspirational chick lit, except it’s told from the guy’s perspective. Mister Mom taken to the fourth prime?

Author Felicia Rogers takes a few chapters to get into her stride, but once she does, the laughs don’t stop. [SPOILER ALERT] Kevin’s an ordinary guy, maybe a little messier than most, but he’s got good intentions. He’s taking a week’s vacation, not to get it on with good-looking Angela in the breakroom, but to clean his house so he can locate the floor and open the front door again. But he keeps getting sidetracked. There’s an entertainment with the guys, and the opportunity to sleep late, and he keeps running into Angela at various places, and she even seems pleased to see him. But that’s not getting his chores done, so to pull himself together, he goes for a run. When he comes across a mugger attacking a little old bag lady, Kevin chases the brute off and the bag lady–get this–tells him he can have one wish before she walks away, leaving him staring.

When he wakes up the next morning, he has seven wives, nine children, and a spotless, magically expanded house. At this point, you know what’s coming–disaster. Can seven women live in the same house without committing murder? Can one man survive them? And is Angela doomed to be Number Eight? An ordinary male overmatched by the house and kids isn’t a new plotline, but this presentation sure is, and the ending will have every woman smiling. The guys, well…

[END SPOILER ALERT] Author Rogers has a dry, straightforward writing style that invites sniggers even while I couldn’t decide whether to pity Kevin or laugh at him. The characters are delineated although difficult to keep straight without a scorecard, but I can’t say that interfered with my enjoyment. All in all, five strong stars counting the extra points awarded for sheer originality.

Should be required reading for pre-marital counseling classes.

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One Response to Sweet book review: Love Octagon

  1. jeff salter says:

    very nice review … makes me want to read it

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