The Sweet List 03/09/2013

millionaire's shortbreadHi, everybody (waving). Here’s an interesting concoction for you. It’s called millionaire’s shortbread, and it’s a sort of iced cookie, with a shortbread base, caramel in the middle (brown sugar and butter melted together and poured over the base), and melted chocolate atop both. Don’t tell me that doesn’t look incredibly wonderful, because it does. Thanks to Flickr photographer Aurore D for the link, the idea, and the neat photo.

Here’s the Sweet List, and it’s a good long one this week. Let’s click and enjoy.



1. Sydney Logan – Romance
2. Jenna Jaxon ~ Historical Romance
3. The Vixen Fiction – Thriller
4. Carrie-Anne Brownian ~ 1920s historical fiction
5. Indigo Chase-Sci Fi/paranormal
6. Vivian Roycroft, Regency
7. Marsha Ward~Westerns with Heart & Grit
8. Beth Trissel Historical-Paranormal Romance
9. Sherri Hayes – Contemporary Romance
10. Meg Mims – Double or Nothing
11. Jennifer Rae Gravely–Southern romance
12. Susan Aylworth – YA & contemporary romance
13. Keta Diablo, erotic romance
14. Jean Joachim, Contemporary Romance
15. Laurel-Rain Snow – Contemporary Fiction
16. Andrea Buginsky, YA paranormal
17. Elaine Cantrell, contemporary
18. Sherry Gloag, royal romantic suspense
19. Gunnar Grey, mystery~adventure
20. Mickie Sherwood – Mainstream Romance
21. Leah Sanders – sweet historical romance
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