The Sweet List 06/01/2013

chocolate trainHi, everybody, and welcome back. If you’re looking for an adorable idea for a children’s party, look no further than the blog Cummins Life. This chocolate train is made from Swiss rolls, brownies, chocolate chunks and bite-size bars, M&Ms, peppermint rounds, and maybe a few Tootsie Rolls for smokestacks, likely held together with dabs of frosting. It would be an especially great idea for grandparents — get them manic on sugar, then send them home. I couldn’t resist posting it, but they’ve got much bigger, better photos on the original blog. Thanks again to Cummins Life for the image, the link, and the great, great idea, even if she says it isn’t original with her.

Here’s the Sweet List. Let’s click and enjoy. Cheers,


1. Sydney Logan – Contemporary Romance
2. Marsha Ward~Westerns with Heart & Grit
3. Carrie-Anne Brownian ~ 1960s historical fiction
4. Joselyn Vaughn, Climbing Heartbreak Hill
5. Patricia Kiyono – historical romance
6. Jeff Salter — a tribute to the Greatest Generation
7. Beth Trissel Historical-Paranormal Romance
8. Heather Gray – Contemporary Romance
9. Christina Cole – Historical Romance
10. Indigo Chase-Sci Fi/paranormal
11. Susan Aylworth ~YA and Contemporary
12. Brenda Maxfield – Young Adult, New Adult Contemporary
13. Felicia Rogers — Medieval Romantic Suspense
14. Jean Joachim, Contemporary Romance
15. Laurel-Rain Snow – Contemporary Fiction
16. Jennifer Rae Gravely-Southern romance
17. Sherri Hayes – BDSM Romance
18. Elaine Cantrell – fantasy romance
19. Gunnar Grey, mystery~adventure
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