About Us

Have you ever been reading along on a book, having a lovely time and enjoying the author’s story and imagination, when suddenly you find yourself reading something you didn’t expect? And don’t like?

It might be graphic violence or explicit sex scenes or truly ugly swearing. But when something unexpected and disagreeable interrupts your reading, it can be hard to recapture that first enjoyment. And sometimes, you may even feel cheated by the writer, even though that was never the intention.

Well, that’s what this website is all about. We, the writers, want to introduce ourselves and our stories to you, the readers, in such a way that you know in advance what you’re getting. Each week, writers will post a brief sample of their work on their own blogs and then link them to this site, so readers can conveniently “hop” from blog to blog, meeting new authors and becoming better acquainted with ones they already know.

Authors are strongly encouraged to only post samples that are rated PG-13 at the most. (This includes illustrations.) As well, we prefer writers to mention the book’s genre and include an overall rating for the book itself. (Here’s a link to the Motion Picture Association of America’s rating system, so you can judge the rating for your sample and your book.)

In this way, the Sweet Saturday Samples website hopes to help guide readers to the books they want to read, and prevent writers from receiving a poor review on Amazon or Goodreads that their stories don’t deserve.


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