Switching Genres, by Meg Mims

What happens when a traditional historical writer, who loves to research until the cows come home (mooo!), switches to writing a contemporary romance? She relies on Google — one of the wonders of the modern world!

For years I’ve been writing and researching in the historical genre. I wouldn’t trade it for Death by Chocolate ice cream, or my favorite cinnamon spice tea. But when the opportunity came up to write a Valentine’s Day novella, with a challenge (three week deadline, augh!), I knew historical research was impossible. I would switch to write a contemporary romance. Piece of cake!

Only the “cake” ain’t gonna rise in the “oven” without the proper ingredients – and one of them is research. Wait! I live in this era, what’s there to research? For one thing, what kind of car does the heroine drive? Hmm. Google that. Choose color, make, model, any features you want. How about the hero? If you choose a long ago beat-up model car, Google can tell you what features it had compared to a zippy new 2012. And how about that special dress the heroine wants to wear for a hot date or special show? Google that too. Under fashion, or celebrity, or just plain “teal dress with sparkles.”

You wouldn’t believe the stuff you can find! A writer’s dream come true. And all at your fingertips — er, keystrokes.

Happy Sweet Reads to you! And check out The Key to Love coming out for Valentine’s Day from Astraea Press.

Meg Mims


7 Responses to Switching Genres, by Meg Mims

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  2. Lindsay says:

    Yes, research can be fun.A few years ago I wrote a historical, WWII, romance set in Africa. I needed to find a place where the H&H could have a picnic in the city where part of the story takes place. After a lot of digging, pun intended, I was able to find the perfect spot.
    And in my soon to be released book, A Body in the Attic, I wanted the heroine to have a vintage motorcycle but it had to come with a sidecar. Finding informaton about that wasn’t as easy as I thought but did find the perfect one.

  3. Great post! I’ve never been on an archaeological dig, and I’ve never created an ice sculpture. But I know how to look up things online, and I know how to use the phone to call an expert. Both are great for getting information. I know I did as much research for my contemporary novellas as I did for my historical novel.

  4. Thanks for this post. I have to seriously research my setting, a place and time I’ve never been. hopefully google will help.

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